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21.2. Where is the Papyrus font?

SSB's includes web safe fonts with the WYSIWYG editor. Web safe fonts are fonts that are most likely to be installed on computers by default (so the fonts display properly).

Microsoft stopped including Papyrus as a default font that gets installed with their operating system, so it is no longer a web safe font.

If you have the Papyrus font installed on your computer, you will be able to see text written in Papyrus. The issue is that other people viewing your listing might not have the Papyrus font installed on their own computers. If they don't have the font, they will instead see a substituted font that may or may not display your information how you expected or wanted.

We removed the Papyrus font so that the font you select will have a much higher chance of being the font that potential buyers will actually see.


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