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1.8. eBay Business Policies

Business Policies is a new feature introduced by eBay. Opted-in sellers may use their eBay-created policies by clicking on the Business Policies tab on the SSB listing launcher.   
You may list your item by using business policies or by listing the traditional way (Use Terms).  If you are opted into business policies, the tab that is open is what is sent to eBay. 
Inside the business policies tab:

Choose a policy for each section. If you don't see the policy you wish to use, go to eBay to set one up. You may add new policies or edit existing ones only if you're opted into business policies. You may manage your business policies here:


NOTE: It is normal and expected for eBay to return Business Policies in the event of Sell Similar, Revise and Relist if you are opted into Business Policies, even if you originally launched the listing with Terms.

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