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8.1. Are categories necessary for uploading my images?

Categories are almost entirely optional*. At the top of the image upload screen, you may select an Upload Category using a dropdown list. This is the master category you'd like your images to be assigned to. If the category you wish to use does not appear in the list, you may create one by entering its name in the New Category field.

The ability to assign categories is for your convenience in organizing your images. If you don't have categories established, or don't want to bother assigning a category during your upload, don't worry about it for now. If you do not choose a category, images will upload to Uncategorized.


In the Classic Uploader, whether or not you have selected a category at the top of the Image Upload screen, you also have the option of selecting a category for each individual image. The default is Uncategorized, but the category name you select next to the individual photo name will override the category selected at the top (no matter what it was) for that image.

In the Drag & Drop Uploaders (Bulk HTML5, RealUploader, etc.), categories may not be selected for individual images.


*(Some premade categories, usually prefixed with "My", do have a functional difference. For example, when selecting a logo in the Listing Generator, only images that have been uploaded or moved to the My Logos category will be shown as options. For more information on how to change the category of an image after uploading, please see the Related Pages section.)



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