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3.4. How do I resize my images to meet eBay's image requirements?

Please go to the SSB Image Manager (Images > Manager > View Images), change the Category to All Images, and change the Sort By to be "Width Sm-Lg". Then, look at the "File Size" field to the right of the image. This will show you your thinnest images. For an image to be usable on eBay, it must be at least 500px wide.

You may resize the image to make it larger using our image editor, but if the image is a lot narrower than 500px wide, this may cause the image to become pixelated.

To resize the image, click on the Tools icon next to the image thumbnail, to open the "Edit Image" window.

Click on the "Rotate & Resize" button. For the "Size" field, use the dropdown to select 500px. Preview the image to make sure there isn't too much distortion, then Apply the changes. The "Edit Image" window will close, returning you to the Image Manager.

If resizing the image causes it to become too pixelated, you may need to reupload the image at a larger size. While viewing the image in the Image Manager, click on the Date link to the right of the image thumbnail, then reupload an image that is 500px wide.

That will update the image in your SSB account. If this image is already embedded in the listing description on any listings at eBay, the embedded image will now use the new size, as well.

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