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20.4. How do I save a MIYO template ?

If you've created a MIYO template combination you really like, and wish to use the same MIYO template continuously for new listings, we recommend saving a copy without any specific item information. Save it with a name you will recognize such as "MIYO Template" in your Saved Listings.

Now, if you want to create a listing with this template select it from your Saved Listings. Once you have opened it into the Listing Generator, add your description, images, etc., and click on the Save button and select Save As New.

This will save a copy of your listing and keep your original MIYO template intact.

If you are using our Listing Launcher, please keep in mind that you may use our Sell Similar function from the eBay Items Launched view, to launch a similar listing. You will find your previously used MIYO template intact when the listing is loaded into the Listing Generator, and you may launch an exact listing or a variation of it.

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