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5.12. How can I automatically delete images from sold listings?

On the listing launcher form in the Listing Details section, there is the Image Cleanup option. This feature allows you to specify how you'd like your images to be cleaned up.
This feature is now available for all listing formats (auction-style, fixed-price and variations listings). In the case of variations listings, the images would be deleted when all variations and their quantities have been sold.
Your choices within the option list are:  Do not delete or Delete 15, 30, 60 or 85 days after the item is sold on eBay.
When eBay sends us a notice that your listing has sold, we will mark all the images for deletion and our system will automatically delete them from the Image Manager at the number of days specified.
Please do not set images for deletion if you have other listings using these images (either auction-style or fixed-price) because eBay links directly to your SSB Image Manager for the images in your template, and they must remain in your Image Manager if they are in use anywhere.  Only the images that had been placed in the template are deleted. We do NOT remove images hosted by eBay (such as the gallery or preview pictures).
Deleted images are sent to the SSB Recycle Bin in your account where they remain for 30 days in case they need to be undeleted. They may be viewed by navigating to Images > Utilities > Undelete Images.

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