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4.2. Can I save listings I have launched?

You can save copies of listings you have already launched to SSB Saved listings, but must be done individually for each item.

Only the "SSB" info is retained (images, layout, template and description). We cannot retain the eBay-centric information, because categories and item specifics change over time at eBay, and also because eBay purges the listing history after 90 days on unsold or sold items. Please be sure to keep any images associated with your listings in the SSB Image Manager, as these images will be needed when it's time to list these items again.

Navigation: Listings > eBay Items > Launched

How to Save a Listing from eBay Items Launched to SSB Saved Listings:

1. Select the Sell Similar action.

2. At the upper left hand corner of the Listing Generator page, mouse-over the save button.  You will see the name, "sellsim item." Replace this name with a meaningful one and then click Save on SSB button.

3. Stop here. Do not click "Prepare to Launch" unless you also wish to launch this item again.

Once you saved the listing, if you have more listings you would like to save, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched.  Perform the same procedure on another launched item.



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