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2.2. Revise a Listing Launched to Bonanza

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How to Revise a Listing Launched to Bonanza:

The action menu will show a Revise option next to an active listing if you are able to revise it.
Only listings that were posted to Bonanza via SSB's Bonanza Listing Launcher may be revised from SSB.

You will be brought to the Listing Launcher page.

You may make changes to your listing.

NOTE: If possible, we recommend that you use SSB's Revise function to make changes to your listings. It's best not to switch back and forth between using our system, and Bonanza's, as our system cannot track changes you may have made on Bonanza. Also, revising with SSB ensures the necessary data exists within the HTML of your listing for the Sell Similar function to work as expected for the listings you have revised.

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